Unusually heavy, unusual objects.

Here at Continental Machinery Movers, we deal with heavy things everyday so we are naturally inclined to be interested in heavy stuff. When these heavy things are alive or edible, that just makes it that much more interesting. Here are a couple heavy things, you wouldn’t expect to be so heave.

5,000 pound Devil Fish

In April of 1934, a giant manta ray fish was caught, well more like hunted, off the coast of New Jersey. These large manta rays aren’t that uncommon, but are rarely seen because they live in the deepest parts of the water. This one must have been lost.

The Coast Guard received a distress call from a large fishing boat who had their anchor tangled in something big. The manta ray threatened to capsize the vessel, so the Coast Guard shot the fish 22 times with a high powered rifle. Once dead, they dragged the fish to shore where it promptly gave birth postmortem to an 18 inch baby, which is about the size of adults at your local aquarium.

Mammoth Cheese

The year is 1801 and Thomas Jefferson is the President. One devoted fan of his, John Leland devised a plan to present a special gift to President Jefferson in appreciation of his party and support for religious freedom.

Over several months, the milk from 900 cows was combined in a cider press that had a diameter of 6 feet. The 4 and a half foot diameter and 15 inch high block of cheese was delivered on New Years Day of 1802 and weighed 1230 pounds.

Mr. Jefferson would not accept gifts while in office, so in return for the cheese he paid Mr. Leeland $200 dollars. The cheese remained at the President’s house as late as March of 1804 when it was deemed “very far from being good”.

Write a comment and let us know what obscure, heavy thing you have seen or know about.


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