The Sound of the 20th Century

What do you think of when you think of music of the 20th century. The Beatles? Led Zepplin? What about classical music? You might even have some favorite film music, or remember some classics from the 1800s from composers like Wagner and others. What happened to that music? It went somewhere, and it’s certainly still alive, just not quite so mainstream. Take a listen to this.

This piece is called L.B for Violin and Piano by composer Greg Robin. Before we move on, if you really like what you hear, listen to more here.

Different right?  How did we get from here –

To here  –

Music genres have evolved over time in classical music just as they have in pop music. If you are interested in a complete summary of that evolution, and all the great and interesting music on the way, like this post or comment telling me so.

In the meantime, enjoy your first experience with 20th century art music. Sit back and listen.


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