High Glass Panels on Hockey Rinks – It’s not what you’d assume.

December 23rd, 1979. Rangers Vs. Bruins at Madison Square Garden. The game is tied, fans on each side are losing their manners. The Bruins score to win the game. A lot of people can enjoy a good hockey game, but this hockey game led to the installation of higher glass panels in all NHL hockey rinks. It’s not protection for the crowd from flying objects like you might think, but protection for the fans from the players.

During a fight between the players from both sides, a Rangers fan cut a Bruins player’s face with a rolled-up program and grabbed his hockey stick. A number of Bruins team members climbed into the stands over the glass at this point.  Mike Milbury made his way into the crowd with his teammates  took the shoe off of the offending fan, and beat him with it. The video is below.

The NHL president, John Ziegler suspended 2 players for 6 games and one player for 8 games and charged each player $500. The fan was fined $500 and sentenced 6 months in jail. This directly led to raising the height of the glass panels on hockey rinks. 


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