We, April Fools | The Best Practical Jokes on the Internet

Don’t Trust Anyone

So the saying goes today. We’ve compiled for you the biggest and best April Fools jokes from around the internet.


YouTube, Rihanna and Chris Brown, Google, Bing and many others have been joining in the fun today. We also threw in some we wish were jokes.


The most talked about prank so far today

is this YouTube video, released by the YouTube staff themselves.

Tim Liston, the “competition director” at YouTube details the purpose of the video hosting website after all this time. Apparently it was a competition to find the best video, and submission time has come to an end. YouTube will be shutting down and will now start the process of picking the best video.

I encourage everybody to watch as many videos as possible before YouTube deletes everything tonight.

Antoine Dodson – YouTube Judge

Antoine Dodson became famous through the “hide yo kids, hide yo wife” viral sensation.


Google unleashed many new products today, most of them completely out of nowhere. The first of these is Google Maps – Treasure mode. Click the image below to check out your area.


Google has also released a new feature for Gmail simply called “blue”. It’s main selling point is that it’s just so blue. They seem to think the only thing people will have to say is “Why did I have to wait this long”. Check it out here.

The next big thing in mobile searching is Google Smell. This new searching tool advertises many new features, including Don’t ask, don’t smell, “for when you’re wary of your query” and Street Sense, where you can smell the areas you see on street view. As they say, smelling is believing.




Admittedly, this one got me while I was writing this blog post. At imgur, a popular image hosting website, they have added an option to upload images via snailmail.

WikiPedia – Did you know section

WikiPedia is famous for having unreliable information from time to time. But today’s did you know section takes the cake.
Articles are featured including James Bond’s NFL career after the military, and sheep snacks. Take a look at the rest of them yourself on their main page

Did you have a practical joke play out this April Fools day? Did you have a favorite that was not mentioned? Tell us all about it!


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