Importing contacts into iCloud with a .CSV file

Because I struggled so much with this due to lack of good information, I’m spreading the word for the next person who is searching for a fix to this specific problem.

The Problem

iCloud does not allow .CSV files to be uploaded, and I’m not sure why. The only way to import contacts into iCloud is with Vcard files. These are essentially transferable e-business cards. There are ways around this like sending yourself all of your contacts, saving the attachments, then uploading them to iCloud one by one. This didn’t work for me.

The Solution

Step 1 – Create or find a gmail account that has no contacts in it.
Step 2 – Select “contacts” under the word gmail
Step 3 – Click more menu on top of the contacts pane, then click import
Step 4 – Locate and upload your .CSV file here.
Step 5 – Click the more menu again and click export
Step 6 – Select all contacts, then select vcard format
Step 7 – Click export and save the file to place you will remember
Step 8 – Log into iCloud, click contacts, then click the gear icon at the bottom left corner
Step 9 – Click import, select your single vcard for all contacts, and click import. And that’s it.

Why this way is so great

Basically, you are using gmails contact interface mostly which is much easier than other mail clients. When you export all of the contacts to vcards, it will actually save them all inside of one single vcard. So now you don’t have to keep track of 600 files anymore. 1 .csv, and 1 vcard. That’s it!

If you have any questions you can post in the comments. And to my subscribed readers, no this is not turning into a program tutorial blog, I’m just saving the next person some trouble.

Best of luck!


20 responses to “Importing contacts into iCloud with a .CSV file

  1. to Jacob Holster,

    thank you for writing this blog.
    i have struggled with trying to find ways to import contacts from Outlook to iphone.

    i used the iTune, but it is tricky, because during the sync process, some information on the iphone can get unintentionally ‘lost’ or misplaced.

    particularly when you try to use the same computer to add a group of contacts to more than one iphone from different users.

    but using the method you described makes much more sense and a lot safer in terms of avoiding the inadvertent deletion of contacts on the iphone

    once again, thank you for writing this blog

  2. Thanks for this brief, but INVALUABLE, tutorial. I was scrounging the interwebs for the past few hours…and this did the trick in less than 5 minutes. AWESOME of you to share!

  3. This information was PERFECT!!!!! I have been struggling with how do I get my personal contacts off of my work/exchange account and upload them into my iCloud account. I was looking at getting new apps and reading all kinds of posts about what to do. This was simple, fast and very effective. Thank you soooo much!!!

  4. The only problem with this method is that Apple does not support the category field. You are forced to categorise your contacts via Outlook which is painfully slow as it is in constant communication with iCloud.

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