Lifehack/Pro Tip of the Day: A Borrowed Idea

This lifehack solves a problem for office managers and generally anyone who has to cut paper with one of these things. It’s simple and super effective. By putting your phone light or any other light under the sheet, you can see exactly where a cut will be made. Check it out.

Unfortunately I can’t claim this one for my own. The innovator of the day is Reddit User “thetoethumb” I wanted to replicate this one but could not track down anything similar to it in our office. I can think of several times I could have used this in my life and maybe you can too.

Follow our blog for a new lifehack/protip at least once a week! We will do our best every week to replicate the lifehacks to show you how effective or cheap they really are. And always comment for a better way to solve a certain problem, or a problem you are having that you would like a simple, cheap, and easy solution to.


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