Did I Just See a Jetpack in Greenville, South Carolina?

Jetpack Madness

Around the beginning of this March, billboards started popping up at various locations in Greenville, South Carolina talking about a Mass transit service consisting of Jetpacks. On one billboard there is a link to GreenvilleJetPacks.com. This website promises that “the future is now” with Greenville Jetpack rentals. And you’ll never guess, it’s cheaper than you think.

jetpack rates

They even have a CEO! His name is Terrance Woodburrow. Take a read at their company story.

“It all started with a dream when Greenville Jetpack Rental’s CEO, Terrance Woodburrow, took a trip to Alaska as a child. He saw three eagles fly over his campsite, and an unquenchable thirst for flight was sparked. Forty-five years later Terrance’s dream is becoming a reality with the launch of Greenville Jetpack Rentals in Greenville, SC. With twelve employees and a fleet of over one hundred jetpacks, Greenville is well on its way to becoming the first city in the country to offer a fully functioning jetpack transit service.”

Crazy right? Maybe not. Take a look at this video taken in Greenville on March 6th. It should be noted that the video and the account it was uploaded to were created in the same day.

Did I just see a jetpack in Greenville?

Here is the answer. Maybe, but probably not. WYFF Channel 4 in Greenville released an article here discussing said jetpack billboards and found that though exists a website, there does not exist an LLC listing for the company, and the owner, Terrance Woodburrow, seems to be nothing but a ghost. Of what?

Woodburrow Vale  |  Viral Marketing Folly

Not to fear, Terrance Woodburrow is nothing but the ghost of a viral marketing scheme. Erwin Penland, is a marketing agency that was connected to the billboards through the outdoor advertising company. It was rumored that the billboards were related to Verizon Wireless’ Jetpack MiFi services, but this has been refuted since.

We may never know what is behind this seemingly directionless marketing idea, but we do know one thing. Public Jetpack Transit will not be coming to Greenville, South Carolina.



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