Life Hack/Pro Tip of the Day

Often comes a time where our own vices and preparations fail us. Or the case may be that we simply want to live more productively with less waste. This “Life Hack/Pro Tip” of the day series will answer either of those questions one problem you didn’t know you had, at a time. Sorting and keeping up with small things is difficult, especially when you have a lot of them. You are likely already using all of your drawer and closet spaces and may need some new ideas to stay un-cluttered. Wall space is something that we do not often consider to fix these problems. Check out what this person did for their colored pencils. Making this for yourself is as easy as keeping empty milk quarts, and using your most trusted adhesive.

Now if I were to write this blog post and not show my own example of a life hack, I could very well be considered a hack. So I did. My problem I didn’t know about was in the kitchen in the form of countless large utensils. Some I don’t need, a lot of them I do. But I need more space one way or the other. I found my own solution which is similar to the picture above. Instead of using milk quarts, I used empty six packs. And instead of pencils, I used my countless large utensils. How did these accumulate anyway? Check it out.


I used nothing but empty six packs I had accrued over time, and 2 strips of command hook tape on these. $3 of tape, and there you have your brand new life hack. Share any improvements on this idea or something you have done that was similar to this in the comments.


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