Bored Truckers Turn Up Their Radios

Trucking is an arduous job. The phrase “all you do is sit there” is uttered frequently about truckers, but only those who have sat in the drivers seat of a semi with a fully loaded flatbed or van really know what the stresses of the job are. Truckers that work here have given some feedback as to what the most annoying part of their job is and there is one problem that arises for everyone.

trucking, on the road, trucker boredom

“I am very attentive on any road, but driving for 8 hours is very tiring and often quite boring” said Ray Jordan, a seasoned trucker who works for Continental. Ray’s answer is to “listen to a lot of music”.

If you aren’t a trucker, you might think that you have a good idea about all truckers and what they might listen to. Or you may remember all of those old “trucking songs” that were popular in country music.

Click here if you’d like to hear Phantom 309 by The Red Sovine

“I like Bob Marley a lot” said an independent trucker I ran into on a job. It was already clear to me as his door was open during loading. His face and truck said “every little thing, it’s gonna be alright.” Truckers that listen to music on the road usually have a strong connection with the music they listen to simply because they spend so much time with it. The connection is always there, and the music, is usually different.

So, we want to know what music do you listen to on the road. Whether you are a trucker or not. Get out of your Phantom 309 and let’s have a discussion!


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