Google Glass [through YOUR eyes]

Technology is an important part of every industry. Accountants have traded pens for excel files. Artists can make their ideas become a digital reality easier than ever before. CEO’s can work exclusively from home with only their cell phone if needed. The change is coming, and it’s nothing but inevitable. Recently a big name in the technology frontier announced a product that will have more impact on the world than the iPhone craze.

Google Glass. Take a look.

Anyone can feel the potential tidal wave that may result with an international release of a product that works even half as well as the above video advertises. So yes, it’s going to be so easy to call your mother or kids and take pictures using only your voice. These developments will shave minutes off of many mundane tasks.  However, it’s more challenging to pinpoint the practical possibilities of Google Glass, and their cup runneth over.

Wearable Computing

This is where we have been going for the past 10 years. We just didn’t know it yet. Computers are not yet a part of us, but they will be a part of everything we own, very soon. Developers involved in this project and industry analyst have been fast to say that Google Glass is not a cul-de-sac, but a runway. We will see similar technology appear on clothing, accessories, even shoes.

Google Glass

Who is it for? 

Well, Google might just have something to say about that which might be more specific that you would expect. If you have any trouble playing the file below click here to hear it on youtube.

“The old won’t get it.”

One could speculate that Google has an agenda using repetitive phrases like this. At an earlier part of the song, “New Lipstick by The Kissaway Trail”, the lyrics are “The young ones did it” and repeats in a similar fashion. It’s possible that it is just a nod to the future of technology. Even if there is no correlation between Google and their song choice, it is quite an interesting coincidence.

Cool… But why do I care?

Because every industry depends very heavily on sight, and we are changing the way we see. Photographers may be able to see light specifications and request suggestions for their camera settings, by voice, simply by standing in the light they want to shoot in. Truckers may be able to connect to Google’s other services and have traffic warnings and detour recommendations pop up as notifications in their field of view.  Fabricators could have the capability of measuring heat by sight to make a cleaner cut. Your boss and mine might even be able to have body language analysis programs which tell them if you’re working hard or hardly working. The possibilities are endless in very specific industries, meaning this will change the face of the economy. Some of these ideas seem quite far fetched,  but do you remember the first time you saw someone order a pizza on a telephone? I do and I never thought it would have happened.


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