Bill Clinton’s E-mail Independence

The last thing I do before I go to bed is check my e-mail. Within the first 10 minutes of being awake, I check my e-mail. E-mail habits vary for everyone, but did you know that the 42nd president only sent two in 8 years? From the man himself.

“I swear I did not have interactions with an e-mail machine as president.”

“I sent a grand total of two emails as president, one to our troops in the Adriatic, and one to John Glenn when he was 77 years old in outer space.”

The last e-mail, he sent in 1998, was to John Glenn as the oldest man to go into space.  He praised Mr. Glenn on returning to space after 40 years. His administration sent 40 million e-mails, but these were mostly memos, notes, and meeting minutes for his aides and cabinet members.

Today the average corporate worker sends and recieves 112 e-mails daily. Sure, Mr. Clinton was President during a technological revolution, but e-mail was very much avaliable in the late 90’s. Current President Obama sends hundreds of e-mails daily with his name attached to the end. This just goes to show that though the technology has not only been improved, but the function of e-mail as it relates to business has changed dramatically.

Could you live without e-mail like Bill Clinton?


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